Personal Engagement.

About us

Well cared for. Professionally and personally.

GKK PARTNERS is a consulting firm run by business people for business people. We therefore keep one thought at the centre of our considerations:

What would we do in your place?

Or, in other words: what can we contribute to help you reach your goals? How can we support you in your further development? We always treat your company as if it were our own in all our considerations and actions whilst never losing sight of contributing to your business success.

The expertise, experience and personal commitment of our staff are at your service. Always one hundred percent - that is our claim, it is what we demand of ourselves and expect from our performance.


Always one hundred percent.

In terms of our performance, it means no compromises; it means always giving one hundred percent to our clients.

On a personal relationship level, it means treating clients and staff fairly. It is the premise for all our activities. We like to view our relationships as permanent. Our mutual efforts are based on respect, honesty, reliability and commitment. So they are team-oriented, constructive and demanding. A corporate culture that is based on trust promotes lifelong learning and joint further development.


With our qualified professional staff and our philosophy of always putting ourselves in our client's shoes, we meet all the criteria clients looks for in a consulting firm they can trust and rely on.

Top-class advice demands exceptionally high levels of competency and expertise, kept up to date through further qualification and personal development.

Any lone warrior attempting to live up to these expectations would soon reach his or her limits. As a team, we gain competency on the basis of mutual support and each team member's respective expert knowledge.

This allows us to give one hundred percent at all times - to our clients, and to our company.

Our Motivation

If you enjoy doing something, you also take it serious.

We are motivated by the fact that we enjoy our work and our client relationships. We simply can't wait to meet our next exciting challenge.

Smaller firms are unable to provide such a broad range of services and advisory activities, larger competitors have reduced their portfolio by establishing specialised departments; an additional motivation for our team.

Always give one hundred percent.


We have so much in common with our clients – we are all business people and business partners, as well as human beings.

Our clients include many family-owned and medium-sized companies hailing from almost all industries, both regionally and internationally active. Our long-standing clientele also includes major corporations and groups and discerning private clients. We are proud of the fact that we are mostly engaged on the recommendation of previous clients.

Why do our clients put their trust in GKK PARTNERS?

We do not view your commission as just another consultancy job, but rather as an opportunity for entering into a personal and professional dialogue with like-minded business people. You appreciate mutual trust and respect in all your business dealings as much as we do. You have direct contact with a dedicated contact partner. You receive clear action recommendations, we carry the responsibility.


A successful cooperation is always based on fairness and full transparency. For this reason, we always make clear and unambiguous agreements regarding fee structure (hourly rates, fixed fees, statutory fees) and due dates with our clients.

You may rest assured that we will notify you of the fees you can expect to pay for our services in good time, and that your final invoice will include a transparent, detailed breakdown of these fees.

Always one hundred percent fair.