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Also internationally we offer our service for you

Consultants should always think one step ahead when it comes to international business.

Cross-border tax and commercial law issues are often complex. GKK PARTNERS cooperates with the Morison Global association in order to be able to provide the full range of our comprehensive advisory services at an international level.

Morison Global is a global association of professional local auditing, accounting and tax consulting firms who specialise in providing consulting services to medium-sized companies. Approx. 1.201 member companies from around the world currently belong to Morison Global, represented by over 8.990 professional staff in more than 88 countries.

Always one hundred percent - local knowledge.

Morison Global publishes a series of guides designed to provide an introduction to foreign investors on the various aspects of doing business. The guides are written by the member firm in the country that is being profiled.