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myGKK Controlling

Companies are not managed solely with numbers, but numbers are still an essential part of management. Successful businesses know their latest numbers and are able to make important decisions based on the same. myGKK Controlling allows you to keep an eye on the financial situation of your company - reliable, up-to-date, anywhere and any time.

You are on the road and want to retrieve data that is tailored to your requirements? No problem. Our controlling system for you and your company, which can be accessed from anywhere, analyses and presents the most important performance indicators in a way that is both flexible and intuitive. With easy-to-use and clearly structured interfaces. All analyses, reports, comparisons and graphs are generated automatically, allowing you to focus on the essential.

Identify trends in a timely manner

Using informative comparisons with previous year's values, you can keep an eye on the trends in your company, and you can quickly identify changes and respond to the same. Monthly and cumulative annual comparisons are available as a standard feature.

Forward-looking planning

myGKK Controlling can be used to manage the future of your company. You analyse the past and plan for the future with little effort - from the general direction right down to the smallest detail. Emphasise positive developments, or counteract the negative ones.

Your requirements are unique

We offer tailored solutions. myGKK Controlling adjusts analyses and performance indicators for each company and each industry sector based on individual needs and requirements. You decide what types of graphs or analyses you need.

We would be happy to assist you with the customisation process to generate the best decision-making basis for issues related to your company and your success.


Important information always at a glance


Data comparisons, so that developments can be identified quickly

Planning security

So developments are identified immediately and taken into account during the planning process


Data and analyses tailored to your needs

If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. Transparency of the key performance indicators is the key to success.

Access to all data when it matters - whether you are in the office, on the road or even while on holiday if necessary.

Stephan Raitl | Partner

Salome Weininger | Steuerberaterin, Managerin