DIGITAL - making it simple

myGKK Hosting

We understand that the high investment costs and required support for in-house server environments are frequently avoided or postponed. At the same time, you need secure and reliable access to the data that you are posting in your systems.

Working with our partner companies, we offer a solution with low installation costs and manageable hardware requirements that reduces your requirements to three steps: turn on - work - turn off!

You can rely on professionals to look after updates, automated data back-ups, firewalls and virus protection. A secure SSL connection guarantees access from any location.

Personnel shortages or lack of time?

In that case, we can access all data and assist you.

The selection options for the software are also based on your requirements - from DATEV accounting processes to cost centres or HR management systems.


Post items as usual. And we look after the rest.

Cost advantages

Manageable investments and IT services

Data security and availability

Automated updates, data back-ups, firewall and virus protection

Access from anywhere, any time

For maximum flexibility

With myGKK Hosting, you retain your flexibility and you can address future developments with confidence.

The responsibility for the technology is assumed by others, while security is guaranteed. In this way, you can reduce the expenses for your IT infrastructure, which is placed in the hands of competent specialists who look after all of the relevant developments. While you and your team have the time to look after your business success.

Stephan Raitl | Partner