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myGKK Portal

Paper was yesterday. The myGKK Portal is a software that was developed as a service for our clients; it enables easy and efficient digital collaboration between our firm and our clients, while also offering maximum security.

Sensitive documents?

They can be exchanged through the portal - easily and securely.

Out of the office?

No problem! You can access the documents regardless of time or location, using your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Uploaded files can be shared with individuals or a selected team. Joint editing in real time also facilitates collaboration.

Data exchange

Secure and easy

Flexible document access

Independent of place and time

Maximum security

Protected collaboration

Efficient workflow

Information is shared right away, and everyone is at the same pagerelieff

Requirement lists

Maintain an overview of requested documents

All this and much more is offered by the myGKK Portal

  • Secure uploading and downloading of documents.
  • Important documents pertaining to annual financial statements, tax returns, financial accounting and payroll are consolidated in one location - permanently and easily accessible.
  • Requirement lists with integrated processing status for a better overview of which information and documents are still required for the preparation of annual financial statements, audits, tax returns etc.
  • Analyses (annual reports, tax returns, assessments, payroll and financial accounting analyses).
  • In the context of projects, it is also possible to share sensitive data with third parties by e-mail, using a link. In that case, those individuals do not have to register in the portal.

Stefanie Regner | Managerin