Steuerberatung und Wirtschaftsprüfung für die Film- und Medienbranche

We can also provide reliable support for international projects.

Over the past few years, the film and media industry has been subject to ever stricter taxation controls. The sheer number of extremely complex regulations has led to increasing uncertainty in the industry, exacerbated by the fact that in many areas, the law remains unclear, for example with regard to how taxation issues should be handled in the case of national and international co-productions.

Further typical film industry related examples are the German media decree (on tax exemption), the introduction of minimum taxation and the loss offsetting regulations in the context of tax-related time to pay agreements. Particularly media funds have become considerably less attractive for investors, as the scope for loss offsetting has, for the most part, been severely restricted.

GKK PARTNERS supports you with financial and tax regulations and develops solutions for you.

The film industry nevertheless continues to depend heavily on external financing. Not least also because the banks have pursued extremely restrictive lending policies over the past few years, adding to the difficulties of project financing. Another problem faced by the media industry is increasingly complex contracts, particularly in the case of international co-productions. Besides financing issues, these concern the territorial distribution of exploitation rights, consultation rights during production, criteria for the receipt of grants, or the issue of the legal entity of a permanent establishment being based outside of Germany, which can significantly impact taxation.

GKK PARTNERS' challenging remit where film projects are concerned is the development of optimum solutions for our clients whilst ensuring compliance with sometimes conflicting taxation, financial and legal regulations. We have many years of experience of acting in an advisory and auditing capacity for various film and media industry companies.

Our range of services for film, media and publishers

  • Preparation and auditing of annual and group accounts in accordance with HGB German Commercial Code and IFRS

  • Preparation of annual tax returns

  • Current payroll and financial accounting

  • Advice on special balance sheet issues

  • Ongoing tax advice

  • Support during tax audits

  • Expert opinion reports on the taxation issues associated with potential film projects

  • Artists taxation in an international context

Global expertise

Morison KSi has published the first in its series of “Your Global Advisers” publications which promotes Morison KSi’s experts in a particular industry. The first edition is for the Media Group.

The attached guide provides existing and potential clients with a detailed profile of all Morison KSi members with expertise in the Media and Entertainment sector, detailing their specialist areas and key contacts.

The Media Group is made up of 10 firms - one of them is GKK PARTNERS - from across the globe. The key objectives of the group are to:

  • Exchange ideas on how firms can service clients within the media and entertainment industry internationally
  • Generate new business by offering a worldwide service with specialist skills
  • Add value to services

Your Global Advisers – Media and Entertainment (PDF, 3 MB)