Payroll Accounting

Payroll accounting offers underestimated options for process optimization. We are ready to support you!

For many companies, personnel administration is one of the most important areas. GKK PARTNERS runs monthly payrolls for employers of all sizes whilst also providing a range of associated advisory services.

These days, however, 'wages & salaries processing' encompasses far more than simply entering employee data into one of the many computerised payroll programmes on the market and pushing a button to obtain a payslip. It is no longer enough to ensure that the payroll is run on time and contains no errors.

Employment law and income tax and social security insurance regulations are updated on a regular basis. Issues such as deferred compensation schemes, the use of a company car, employment contract details and employee profit sharing schemes affect the payroll almost every month.

We support our clients in personnel cost planning and calculation, advise them on the most tax efficient pension schemes, on how to account for family members working in the business; we advise on cross-border employment and severance pay regulations. In the area of employment law, we cooperate with renowned legal firms for additional support.

Together with our clients, we examine which combination of payroll accounting and professional consulting services is the most sensible option for them.

Our range of services in the field of payroll accounting

Payroll Accounting - Outsourcing

In the role of outsourcing partner, GKK PARTNERS takes over all day-to-day payroll accounting tasks, monthly and annual statements, the compilation of personnel statistics and the management of income tax and social security contribution audits. On request, we will even manage the annual leave record cards for you. Of course, we also take full responsibility for compliance with the record retention requirements for all payroll documents in this context.

It goes without saying that we always complete all payroll-related tasks within the legally stipulated periods and the timeframes dictated by operational requirements. Our staff are also happy to administrate client payrolls on site should clients wish to keep their in-house labour input to a minimum. Clients who choose this option enjoy the additional benefit of short information paths.

Payroll Accounting - Interactive Cooperation

Handing the entire payroll over to a tax consultant is not always a practical option. For this reason, GKK PARTNERS offers a wide range of cooperation models. We will initially meet with the client to discuss and define the most sensible option for their company.

One possible cooperation model is entering all payroll-relevant data into a preliminary posting programme supplied by us, or transferring this data from a programme the client already uses (e.g. time reporting software). We will then access this data in the course of payroll completion in order to prevent double entries.

Alternatively, we also supply a personnel management system that allows clients to complete all personnel administration related tasks themselves. This software features an integrated interface to our payroll accounting system.

Programme extensions for travel expenses or for the preliminary posting of travel expenses are also available for our personnel management system on request.

Payroll Accounting - In-house Solutions Support

GKK PARTNERS can also provide all relevant support to companies opting to deal with all payroll accounting in-house, from our 'payroll hotline' to advising on specific personnel-related issues. We can also help you to cover payroll staff absences due to illness or holidays.

We also carry out payroll administration audits within the scope of in-house quality assurance schemes on a regular basis.

Of course we also supply all electronic data processing programmes you need to manage your payroll and personnel administration. In this case, we are also happy to offer online support to clients running their payroll on programmes supplied by us.

myGKK HR Management

HR management is digitised, processes become transparent and collaboration becomes even more efficient

Frequently, HR management is still associated with significant administration costs. Without digital support, the maintenance of basic data, the exchange and permanent filing of relevant documents or even just the submission of travel expense reports creates challenges and ties up resources that could be put to better use elsewhere. Missing interfaces lead to multiple dataset maintenance, and processes are not able to depict the increasing flexibility and required individual adjustments to the dynamic HR management activities in the company.

Reason enough to enhance a platform for the needs of our clients (and for our own needs) with the help of technical and digitisation specialists. The result - an intelligent and entirely digital HR portal that allows companies to do their own HR management while also providing all of the high-quality information for payroll purposes.


HR management is more than payroll activities.

With myGKK HR Management, we provide our clients with a fully-fledged and integrated HR portal.

As a business, you benefit from compact and visualised results, digital personnel files, on-boarding routines and paperless contract management. Your employees use the self-service function to maintain their personal data and they receive payroll and personal documents electronically. Holidays, absences and travel costs can be entered, requested and approved in the portal. Digital and in real time.

Your employees also benefit from being able to access all of their data and documents that are filed in the company. The self-service function ensures that changes are entered immediately, and that leave requests reach their destination more quickly. Documents such as contracts or monthly statements are always accessible.

And we can also process your data for payroll activities through the HR portal.

Interested in the time savings, clear efficiency improvements as well as easy and secure data exchange?


Thomas Stüllein | Partner