All tax services from GKK PARTNERS

We do something for you that is nigh on impossible for many companies and individuals: we keep tabs on everything.

For anyone subject to the German tax law, its extreme complexity and the continuous changes brought about by legislation reviews, court rulings and fiscal authority regulation reviews represent a major challenge. Decisions are frequently made even more difficult by international aspects.

We simply put ourselves in the shoes of our respective client, identify operating aims and discuss the current framework conditions together.

After that, we team up with our client to develop practicable, efficient solutions that nevertheless offer adequate flexibility to meet future challenges. And together with our international partners from Morison Global, we also offer active support to you and your company in your international activities.

Our services at a glance

Advice on Current Tax Issues

We believe that a tax consulting service should offer clients more than just assistance in meeting their legal obligations. GKK PARTNERS view consulting as an active process aimed at optimisation. Together with you, we develop individual, goal-oriented and transparent solution approaches in order to realise previously jointly defined goals.

Compilation of Annual Accounts

Our services in this area:

  • Preparation of annual accounts and group financial statements in accordance with HGB German Commercial Code and IFRS
  • Written expert opinion on complex accounting issues
  • Drafting of in-house accounting guidelines conformant to HGB German Commercial Code and IFRS
  • Design of monthly reporting packages

Filing of Tax Returns

Due to the complexity of the German tax law, filing a tax return in this country is an undertaking that poses plenty of challenges for taxpayers, both individuals and businesses. We are only too happy to relieve you of this extremely time-consuming duty.

Our services in this area:

  • Support in meeting taxation requirements with all due diligence (declaration, disclosure, retention, storage and documentation)
  • Preparation of tax reconciliations
  • Preparation of corporate tax reports for companies, owners and freelancers
  • Preparation of income tax returns for individuals
  • Corresponding with the fiscal authorities within the scope of assessments, monitoring of deadlines

Tax Audits

Taking the appropriate legal action in tax assessment related disputes frequently results in a favourable outcome. GKK PARTNERS supports clients in litigation and negotiation proceedings. Of course we also make sure that all deadlines and formalities are complied with.

Tax audits are always extremely time-consuming for the individuals and companies concerned. They tie up important resources, and the fiscal authorities may subsequently decide that higher taxes are due. For this reason, we actively support our clients in the preparation of the required documentation and the development of argumentative strategies.

Our services:

  • Taking the appropriate legal action (lodging of appeals, negotiation of time to pay agreements, etc.)
  • Managing tax and social security audits
  • Representing clients in dealings with the fiscal authorities

Inheritance Planning

GKK PARTNERS supports clients in all aspects of timely inheritance planning, i.e. transferral, gifting or sale. Passing a company and assets on to the next generation not only requires professional knowledge but also an understanding of the human aspects involved and an instinct for good timing. The focus is always on asset value maintenance and increase to benefit future generations.

Individual concepts are developed in order to maximise the efficient use of all applicable exemptions. This minimises risks to liquidity and effectively reduces the associated costs.

Our advisory services on taxation in more detail:

  • Development of a suitable inheritance strategy
  • Analysing the potential impact of transfer and gifting on taxation
  • Preparation of gifting and inheritance tax declarations

International Tax and Transfer Pricing

Due to the various countries' different tax laws, cross-border activities are frequently accompanied by important tax issues. With the assistance of our international partners from Morison Global, we can also support our clients in their international business activities.

Our advisory services on taxation in more detail:

  • Tax efficient location management
  • Holding company structuring
  • Legal entity consulting – permanent establishment, partnership or public limited company
  • Transfer pricing advice (calculation and documentation)

Due Diligence

In the course of tax due diligence prior to the potential acquisition or divestment of a company, GKK PARTNERS analyses tax-related risk factors and highlights any scope for optimisation. In addition, we will show you a choice of business models designed to avoid risks and make full use of potential opportunities.

See here for further information.

Tax Planning and Tax Structuring

A changed economic or legal situation or even a change in personal circumstances can often prompt a legal entity change or the need to restructure a company.

In view of the complex processes associated with restructuring a company, GKK PARTNERS lends a helping hand to clients during all the important stages, from evaluating the various options to implementation. We analyse existing risks and obtain prior reassurance by way of binding information from the fiscal authorities.

Our advisory services in more detail:

  • Choice of legal entity and tax burden comparison
  • Optimisation of company structures (planning and implementation)
  • Choice of holding company location
  • Tax due diligence

Value Added Tax

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Family Office

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