Value Added Tax

Avoid financial and tax risks. We help you to design transactions that are advantageous, to settle them correctly and to document them correctly.

Value added tax law is a particularly complex issue as it is subject to European law as well as various other laws. Errors in input claims or the non-payment of value added tax can lead to considerable obligations towards the fiscal authorities or to legal disputes with business partners.

As we are part of the international network Morison International, we can ensure that international transactions as a consequence of national and international goods and services traffic are correctly designed and processed.

GKK PARTNERS' team of value added tax specialists assists with ensuring the maximum profitability of international transactions and with their correct accounting and documenting in order to avoid financial and taxation risks.

Our services in detail:

  • VAT input optimisation

  • Special VAT audits

  • National and international input tax recovery procedures and other obligatory declarations

  • In-house training on VAT law