Investing in new markets? Sale of your own company? Adjusting the investment portfolio?

These decisions present entrepreneurs with extraordinary challenges.

In these cases, companies need a consultant they can trust: From individual questions to comprehensive project-related advice. Examining and analysing business opportunities and risks as part of due diligence is part of our day-to-day business, which we perform for you as auditors.

As tax advisors and auditors, our transaction experts contribute their tax and commercial law expertise and business background knowledge in the following areas in particular:

  • Carrying out financial and tax due diligence
  • Ongoing advice on merger and acquisition projects
  • Support with contract negotiations
  • Company valuation
  • Purchase price audits
  • Post-acquisition audits

We concentrate on the essentials:
Our clients' requirements and our expertise.


Tax due diligence is an important part of an intended transaction - purchase or sale - in order to ensure an optimal tax transaction structure. In particular, tax opportunities and risks associated with the proposed transaction are identified and quantified. These findings and information are also relevant for drafting the purchase agreement and with regard to the purchase price. For you as the buyer or seller.

A tax due diligence can focus on income taxes or also comprehensively analyse other types of taxes such as withholding taxes or VAT, for example. Together, we will agree on the scope of our analyses depending on your needs.

Important audit areas of tax due diligence concern the articles of association, group organisation charts and shareholding structures, intra-group transactions and transfer prices as well as past restructurings & acquisitions, contracts with shareholders, contingent liabilities, annual financial statements, available audit reports, tax balance sheets and distributions.


Financial due diligence involves examining the company's situation with regard to its assets and its overall financial and earnings position. All influencing key figures are analysed in order to reduce the risks of a bad acquisition (e.g. cash flow, liquidity, earning power, equity and debt capitalisation, financing structure, cash pooling options, etc.). Does long-term strategic financial planning also play a role for you? We are happy to build on the results and provide scenarios for the further development of the financial implications for you as the buyer or seller.

While the company valuation determines the exact enterprise value of the target using various valuation methods, the financial due diligence is specifically aimed at transaction-relevant issues in order to also identify potential deal breakers when buying or selling.

You can also rely on our standards and the quality of our advice when it comes to due diligence services. Our tax advisors and auditors not only work smoothly as a team on the tasks at hand, but also with your legal advisors in a goal-orientated manner. On request, we can recommend external competent and experienced lawyers who are ideally suited to your plans and who will support you and your company as part of a legal due diligence in addition to drafting the purchase agreement and in the contract negotiations.

Get in touch with us, your law firm for tax advice and auditing. Our team - tax advisors, auditors and specialists - will be happy to support you and your company as a reliable advisor and partner for your due diligence challenges.

Do you have questions about our due diligence services?

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