We support our clients with our many years of experience and expertise when it comes to planning succession in a timely, prudent and sustainable manner. Regardless of whether this involves inheriting, giving away or selling assets:

Experience has shown that a generational change is characterised by a very high emotional component for all those involved. No viewpoints are as diverse as those in a family. Our advice therefore takes into account the different perspectives, needs and individual goals in order to develop a solution that also reduces future conflicts and gives you the certainty that you have channelled everything in the right direction.

Our professional expertise ensures that we develop an optimised tax structure for you on the subject of succession that forms a sustainable basis for your long-term plans.

Shaping the future together. Timely inheritance planning - creating new perspectives.


Specialists from our law firm will work with you to develop the right timeline for your personal plans. In principle, however, it is almost impossible to deal with succession planning early enough. It is important to ensure an orderly handover that is transparent and without surprises for all parties involved. This also opens up new perspectives and opportunities. Both for your personal goals and for the development of your company.

The 7 to 10 years prior to your own planned retirement or your individual wish to retire can be a point of reference for the timing of the business succession. In order to take advantage of gift tax benefits, you should always bear in mind the 10-year period for the allocation of tax-free amounts.

For us - as your tax advisors - the focus is always on your individual needs and retirement provision as well as the preservation and expansion of assets for the generation of tomorrow.


As an entrepreneur, you want your life's work to be successfully guided into the future. We are here to support you with our experience.

For you as an entrepreneur, timely succession planning is particularly important in order to avoid both financial and factual damage to your company.

The search for a suitable successor or buyer for the future of your company is usually time-consuming. Relatives and employees also find unresolved situations like this stressful. If you have no children or your children are not interested in continuing your company as a successor, there are alternatives that can ensure the successful continuation of the company and your relatives at the same time. Do you have relatives who would like to continue and further develop your company? A forced sale due to inheritance tax following an inheritance can be successfully avoided through timely planning.

Perhaps one of your company's employees is also a good candidate for a successful continuation. Our advisors will show you sensible and practical structuring alternatives.

Your asset structures should be optimised for tax purposes. If, for example, retention periods can no longer be adhered to in the organisation, there is a risk of income tax losses.

We accompany you personally and confidentially in securing and increasing your assets.


Assets should be secured for successors: We develop individual concepts in dialogue with you in order to make optimum use of all benefits. In this way, liquidity risks can also be minimised and costs incurred can be efficiently reduced.

  •     Development of a suitable succession strategy
  •     Development of tax-optimised recommendations for action
  •     Supporting communication for the parties involved
  •     Preparation of company valuations
  •     Support during an M&A process
  •     Preparation of financial planning
  •     Support with foundation solutions
  •     Support with legal implementation
  •     Communication with the tax authorities
  •     Preparation of gift and inheritance tax returns

In our extensive network, we can also find partners who specialise in your needs: lawyers and notaries. Or we can work together with your advisors on a basis of trust.

For extensive and complex assets, our GKK PARTNERS Asset Intelligence services offer you a comprehensive range of digital and efficient asset controlling. The resulting transparency for your assets, risks, taxes and costs also makes things much easier for your family members when it comes to inheritance planning. We would also be happy to advise you personally.

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