We want to SHAPE THE FUTURE TOGETHER with our clients.

This also means that our activities, our actions and our advice are geared towards the long term. We take responsibility. This applies to our daily work and our clients can rely on this. Responsibility is a question of attitude, which is reflected not only in our work, but also in the entire team. It is an integral part of our corporate mission statement. In this way, we also see ourselves as active members of society with a responsibility.

Responsibility is a matter of attitude.


Since our firm was founded, working in a way that conserves resources has been just as much a matter of course for us as assuming social responsibility. Cooperation, reliability, innovation and agility are values that the GKK PARTNERS team lives by and is committed to sustainable business practices both within the firm and with our clients.

Sustainability starts with the desk lamp, is reflected in the firm's and our clients' end-to-end digital processes and is reflected in our recommendations for action for our clients. We recognise our responsibility as a company towards future generations. In addition to the implementation and further planning of a large number of measures to limit our emissions, the CO2 emissions of our company are recorded and a corresponding Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) is created: From heating and energy to employee travel and business trips.


We know that our working and living conditions are privileged. We use our expertise to support and assist charitable institutions in partnership with people who are less fortunate, both regionally and globally.

But attitude is also evident in small things and in the openness to change rituals. As a whole team, we decided back in 2019 to forgo the traditional birthday flowers. Under the motto "Giving joy", we are committed to regional and global aid projects. We also support various projects through donations.


Our differences make us strong. We differ in our interests, preferences and talents. Differences also arise from where, what, who and how - where we were born and grew up, whether and what we believe, who and what we love, how we dress and how we look. We value and welcome this individuality.

We benefit from recognising and appreciating other opinions, views and wishes. In doing so, we also strengthen our values, which determine how we work together: Togetherness, trust and tolerance, reliability, inspiration, striving for excellence and innovation & agility. As a service provider, we listen carefully to our clients and pursue their business and personal goals. As a team, we pursue the goals of GKK PARTNERS, which we set ourselves together. We are successful together thanks to our different strengths.


In addition to securing competent and professionally qualified employees, we also see the training of young people as part of our social responsibility. In addition to school and long-term internships, we offer a comprehensive and broad range of training programmes with the best possible framework conditions and a high degree of individual support. Untrained? Never! Our programmes also apply to trained specialists and managers who have opted for lifelong learning with us.

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