Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is one of the most important business management tools, and indispensable for decision-making processes. It is essential that information quality, timing and report generation are adapted to suit each company's individual requirements. In essence: all decision-relevant information should be available at all times.

GKK PARTNERS defines the generating process details and the extent of our involvement in advance in consultation with the client.

Our range of services:



In the role of outsourcing partner, GKK PARTNERS takes over all day-to-day financial and balance sheet accounting, costing, and the filing of all current tax declarations. Our staff will also happily take over these responsibilities for you on site.

The preparation of national and international group financial reports is as much part of our day-to-day business as the carrying out of individual in-house analyses and budget/actual or industry comparisons in order to facilitate well-informed, important company decisions.


Interactive Cooperation

It is often not expedient to outsource all financial accounting tasks. For this reason, GKK PARTNERS offers a wide range of cooperation models. We initially define the processes and discuss the respective division of labour with the company.

One cooperation model is for the company to record all supporting documents online. The original documents remain in-house, allowing monetary transactions to be prepared as usual. In addition, an electronic archive allows the company to access the documents at any time. This also allows all accountancy tasks to take place on a daily basis, so all corporate figures are kept up to date.

Use of the internet also allows location-independent access to all accounts and reports at any time. This can be as useful for national or international group subsidiaries as it is for decision-makers wanting to obtain information no matter where in the world they happen to be at the time.

GKK PARTNERS also supports many clients in the preparation of budget calculations for subsequent budget/actual comparisons or in the processing of monetary transactions.

In-house Solutions Support

GKK PARTNERS can also provide the respective support to companies opting for in-house accounting, or to companies unable to outsource their accounts department. This reaches from taking over management accounting responsibilities to providing assistance in the form of coaching, and even includes lending a helping hand in the case of accountancy staff absences due to illness or holidays.

GKK PARTNERS can also supply all of the relevant accounting and bookkeeping electronic data processing programmes. Our team can also access our clients' electronic data processing programmes online in order to support the in-house accountancy staff.


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